On 23 April, 23 Syrian children visited Ali Rıza Altunel, General Director of MoNE

Within the scope of April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day events organized by IMPR, 23 Syrian children who are attending primary and secondary schools in Turkey, visited the Ministry of National Education General Director of Life Long Learning, Mr. Ali Rıza Altunel in his office.

The Syrian children thanked the Turkish people in the person of General Director Mr. Altunel for the opportunities and supports provided for them in accessing education. Some students emphasized that they want to be a doctor in the future and they also stated that they demand to take Turkish language courses instead of making a summer vacation which caused everyone to have sentimental moments during the activity. 

Stating that every kind of support will be provided by the Ministry and the Turkish State for education of Syrian children, Mr. Altunel said, “You are the children who have little hands with big hearts. You’ve seen a lot, you’ve been through a lot, I know these things, but days will come in which you will bear great responsibilities in rebuilding the future of Syria. Study a lot and become beneficial individuals to yourself and the family as well as for Turkey and Syria.” Mr. Altunel gave stationery materials and Turkish story books to the children at the end of the activity.

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