Activity Resources for Social and Cultural Activities

Activity Resources for Social and Cultural Activities [PDF]
Activity Resources for Social and Cultural Activities [PDF]

Humanitarian Aid Department of International Middle East Peace Research Center has already started to implement 10 CIP’s (Community Initiative Project) in and around Urfa. Before the giving Rehabilitation of Parking Amenities Project in Ceylanpınar, we should mention about the necessities and ideas of CIP. These projects will be outputs of IMPR’s works in the field, in partnership with Danish Refugee Council (DRC), founded by Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration  (BPRM).

What is CIP?

It is aim to create social value and leave visible influence on the communities by carrying out the projects. Giving more details, CIP includes going more for strategy against tension among different communities. In this context, we can say that promoting mutual understanding and enhanced relationships through small scale community led projects, addressing identified community concerns and engaging the public in future decisions especially marginalized groups are forming three main steps of the Project. When the mobiliser team is taking a step on the way of the Project, they should pay attention three extra values; such as social benefits, economic benefits and co-existence. In short, CIP is a triangle form that is consisting these values. CIP is a fast-acting, short-term projects that have to leave permanent effects in/on societies.

There are some reasons to destabilize the line of the relations among the communities. The reasons; for example not knowing each other, prejudice and misconception about the “others” are forming main split in the society. In addition to this, these factors have caused social unrest in the field in terms of both/all sides. This is why CIP has adopted the serious challenges to counter existing and potential tension. It should imply measures to address the conditions conducive to the spread of unrest and climbing of tension.

According to IMPR, CIP is one of the most crucial step on the peace-road. We believe fusion capacity and cultural mosaic of Anatolia. This feature of Anatolia has came from the location that meet continents and communities.We can see roots of various cultures in this place. Cultural mosaic, originating from Anatolia and spreading among cities, creates a melting pot. Its colorful texture is capable of overcoming the handicaps of the wars. In this context, we think of that peaceful co-existence should base on all colors of the life, religious and languages.

During the Project, Mobilizer team has followed a compatible approach in order for revealing the requirements of both communities and individuals within the societies. This is a methodology part of the projects. Methodology is the most sensitive part of the projects. Therefore, mobilizer team has paid importance on this. We, as a mobilizer team, have conducted meetings with a lot of people who came from different social status; such as from the ordinary people to mukhtars, from district governors to municipalities. One of the methods that we have followed is a face-to-face contact; the other part of the methods is Community Committee made of seven members. Community Committee (CC) members were selected according to the assessment results.

There were some meetings with people who is able to represent community. In this context, CC was conducted with people of effective circles within the community.At the end of the assessment, we reached some important assessment to make the projects come true and get the broad perspectives and the sustainable outputs. It is an evidence of that civil societies play a key role since its inception. This part carries big importance because of voicing people’s concerns and ideas. We are aim to be in place to implement projects responses the public needs and this methodology is seen to be the most inclusive way for writing proposals based on people’s responses, avoiding resource waste and finding a system that uses resources more effectively. As mentioned above, meetings held by certain social segments are mentor for us to find route. All of these lead us to recognize the complexity in social ground in a short span of time.

Finally, one of the most important findings of the studies concerning individual and social behaviors is newly emerging tension that can cause local and regional conflicts. Here, we are trying to stand against this drift toward controversy and conflict. A major factor shaping this kind of humanitarian action is a pure idea and activism in order for move forward on the social problems. We know that it is possible to be between collaboration views of co-existence. We work on the projects in order to bring the CIP’s vision into action.Taking an action means an attempt to bring an end to the bitter aspects of conflicts among/between communities.

Project Aims:

Person constructs her/his personality in terms of joining social life and accession to activities or not. There is a thin line between individual and society and the line has capacity to leave deep effect on personality and rest of the life of person. According to the researches, the person who pass the line and whose percentage of attending to the social environment will be covered by good personality and reliable circles. Attendance to the social life of a person influences on both individuals and communities. Construction period has got double side; one side is inwards of person, the other is outward of. In other words, person is constructed when he construct his social environment.


Person has carried a component of the complicated factors such as, trauma, experience etc. Then these factors could create a block between person and public, individual and society. We consider the complexity within the nature of the societ, we can say that it is not easy for a person under pressure or attack to adapt to complexity of the society. At the same time, society is inclusive tendency towards individuals. But external and internal conditions do not allow the integrity. That is why this Project is going to accelerate the process of integrity to society of individuals. Hereby both and all communities will find a suitable place on social ground for developing theirselves and enhancing relations.

Participation on social life increases people’s sense of belonging. It will help to create to form social group which reinforces the individual and community. Getting reliable social circles; such as friends, clubs and organizations creates a suitable place where people’s personalities can come into leaf. Furthermore, taking part in the public life of a person improves some skills that lies at core of social interactions; such as sharing, participating group work and taking individual and social outputs. In other words,  we try to put social mobilisation inside the way of peace and co-existence in stead of polarization and conflict. All aspects of the project might be small step but have big impact on community. This big impact will show itself to break up the closed circles of “we” and “others” and merge with a long-term rearrangement of the social space by these Projects. It will be beginning point of life beyond the definitions.

The knowledge that we have build up would become the foundation of our CIP and after a period, this kind of short-term outputs promises long-term development. Based on my observations in different parts of fields, we can say that social activity room will open a canal within the society where all of the communities’ members could find something that they belong to. It will be a step for improvement in both inner and outer cultural circles of people. The Project is also going to find real and basic solutions  to the main problems by touching every layer of society.

There is no public place to be inside for social interaction and recreation activities in Ceylanpınar; especially for children and women. There is also no way to support and improve individual endeavors and stimulating group exercise under current conditions in Ceylanpınar. Conditions there do not allow for people to interact and improve social understanding and perception between Turkish and Syrian communities. This causes tensions that can escalate and cause problems among/between communities. Because of the lack of social interaction opportunities, understanding and empathy is difficult so many norms are practiced without thought to others. So we can sat hat it is also going to provide increasing dialogue and tolerance between people who come from different community and reducing mutual displeasure of communities because of under resourced circumstances in Ceylanpınar.


In addition to these, the lack of opportunities for children and women in Ceylanpınar indifferently marks their own growing and development progress. Socialising is the most important part for children’s adolescence and women’s participation to the public life. That is why a lot of cities and districts needs public area for social interaction carries sensitivity. Promoting positive social interaction by providing some sport, games activities for children and women from Turkish and Syrian communities to spend their own leisure time in a recreational environment.

CIP will be continued for both communities in order to break the continuity in the trauma of the past, create a change for the face of the future and also catch up with the ritm of today.

Social Activity Room Items:

  • Table tenis
  • Table tennis ball
  • Table tennis racket
  • Foosball
  • Chess

Mobiliser team is very happy to notify all of you that 10 community initiative projects are just passing finish-line and we are paving the way for opening ceremonies.

Activity Resources for Social and Cultural Activities [PDF]

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