Access to Education and Response of IMPR Humanitarian

There are approximately 3 million Syrian have been living in Turkey since the start of Syrian conflict. 9% of them is living in the camps which were established by AFAD and 91% of them is living outside of the camps. Syrians, 77% of them are children and women, can’t reach to services easily due to lack of information although Turkey provides lots of services.

Accessing to education is one of the core humanitarian rights which is determined and protected by UN Declaration of Human Rights, Convention on the Rights of the Child and Refugee Convention. Also Turkish constitution and National Education Law uphold the right of access to education for all children in Turkey. On the other hand, education has important role to ensure life-saving and life-sustaining for children and young refugees in order to built resilience community for coming generations.

In order to determine situation of accessing the education and raise families’ awareness accordingly, educational survey has been conducted targeting beneficiaries who would like to register Urfa Community Center’s psychosocial and livelihood activities and language courses. The main aim of conducting this survey was to identify whether Syrian children are able to access education and if not, to learn their reason.

IMPR Humanitarian Educational Counseling for Syrians

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