IMPR Humanitarian Adana teams pay a visit to Family and Social Policies Provinical Directorate

IMPR Humanitarian Adana

IMPR Humanitarian Adana Protection, Livelihood Program and Women’s Community Center teams paid a visit to Social Policies Provincial Directorate. IMPR teams had a meeting with Adana Family and Social Policies Provincial Director Zeynel Abidin Koç and gave information on the projects that IMPR has been conducting both in Adana specifically and all around Turkey and received information about the works ...

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IMPR Gaziantep livelihood and protection teams attended the meeting on Syrian refugees in Turkey

IMPR Gaziantep Livelihood

IMPR Humanitarian Gaziantep Livelihood & Protection teams participated in a meeting on Syrian refugees in Turkey, which was sponsored by Musharaka Organization. The meeting was conducted in collaboration with IMPR Humanitarian, Zenobia Organization, and Mouwatana Organization on 24th of January at Baytna Syria Organization and Meeting Hall. 40 Syrian hairdressers who are interested in setting up their business in Turkey, attended this ...

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IMPR Kocaeli Livelihood team pay a visit to Korfez Chamber of Commerce

Korfez Chamber of Commerce

IMPR Humanitarian Kocaeli Livelihood Program team, visited Körfez Chamber of Commerce in Kocaeli and held an informative meeting on the projects IMPR has been conducting in Kocaeli.  IMPR team paid a visit to Körfez Chamber of Commerce Board Chairman Sibel Moralı and exchanged information on possible cooperation that the two organizations can make on business start-up and work permit procedures. ...

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IMPR Izmir Livelihood Program team visited the SGK Provincial Directorate

Izmir Livelihood Program SGK Visitation

IMPR Humanitarian Izmir Livelihood Program team visited the SGK Provincial Directorate and has held a meeting about the work and activities that IMPR has been conducting in the Aegean Region.  During the visits that have been conducted in Izmir, the teams who have visited İzmir SGK Provincial Director Ekrem Gulcemal and Konak SGK District Manager Aysel Demirel have informed them about ...

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IMPR Humanitarian attended informal education workshop

Informal Education

Since the Syrian refugee crisis has started, Turkey has been hosting 2.8 million Syrian refugees of which 2.5 million live in host community. 1.2 millions of Syrian refugees are children, of which over 800.000 are estimated to be school age children, although around 500.000 of them are enrolled in Turkish public schools and temporary education centres. Even tough expanding and ...

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Ankara Auto Artificer’s Federation President Mustafa Arslanoğlu pay a visit to IMPR

Mustafa Arslanoğlu

IMPR’s vocational training course for prospective mechanics in the auto repair industry has been a solid success. In partnership with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), IMPR implemented a 12-weeks training program for 720 Syrians under Temporary Protection Status in Ankara, Bursa and Sanliurfa. The course combined theoretical and practical training modules and helped build trust among participants and small-and medium automotive ...

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IMPR Humanitarian contuniues conducting its visits in Manisa

IMPR Humanitarian Manisa

IMPR Humanitarian İzmir Livelihood Program team continues their visits and contacts to the governmental agencies in Manisa. IMPR Humanitarian Livelihood Program team, visited Deputy Governor Mehmet Yüce who is responsible for Manisa Governorship Immigration Authority Provincial Director Directorship and informed him about IMPR’s current projects. Yüce stated that they can offer support to all works intended to raise public awareness ...

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IMPR Humanitarian paid a visit to governmental agencies in Manisa

Governmental Agencies in Manisa

IMPR Humanitarian İzmir Livelihood Program team visited Manisa Provincial Director of Labor and Employment Agency Sinan Aktaş and gave information about the works that have been carried out by IMPR at Aegean Region of Turkey. Provincial Director Sinan Aktaş stated that they are open to all kinds of cooperation with IMPR in Manisa and emphasized the importance of IMPR’s project ...

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IMPR Humanitarian Informal Education Team conducted awareness session on access to education

Informal Education

Due to situation in Syria and domestic turbulence in Iraq and Afghanistan, Turkey hosts the largest number of refugees in the world. While 12% of the Syrian refugees are accommodated in camps, remaining 88% lives in 81 provinces. In addition to 2.8 million registered Syrian refugees, there are also non-Syrians (Iraqi, Afghan etc.) registered with UNHCR in Turkey (app. 291,209 ...

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GIZ team visited IMPR Women’s Community Center and Women’s Livelihood Center


Ankara Mamak Women’s Community Center and Women’s Livelihood Center hosted GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH) Team on 10th of January. GIZ and IMPR team discussed about recent common issues of beneficiaries. They also visited to Women’s Livelihood Center in Mamak, some of the pictures are from ceramic workshop of Women’s Livelihood Center.

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