Wednesday , 27 October 2021

IMPR Humanitarian in Media

IMPR Humanitarian has organized a meeting on Violence Against Women

Violence Against Women

The 16 Days of Activism Campaign for the Elimination of Violence Against Women is an international campaign that starts on 25 November (International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) and lasts until 10 December (World Human Rights Day). Within the scope of this campaign and the Auto Industry Project that is being carried out jointly by IMPR Humanitarian ...

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The winner was brotherhood in the green pitch


The Tournament for Brotherhood in the Green pitch which is a joint organization of The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, The Ministry of Youth and Sports and International Middle East Peace Research Center (IMPR) has started with the practice match which was played at the Ankara 19 Mayıs Stadium. IMPR President Prof. Dr. Veysel Ayhan has drawn attention to ...

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Conference on Work Permits for Foreigners Under Temporary Protection in Turkey

The regulation of the work permits of foreigners under temporary protection in Turkey has been one of the most important issues which received attention from both national and international communities. A new era began in Turkey with the issuance of “Regulation on Work Permits of Foreigners under Temporary Protection” which was published in the Official Gazette (No. 2016/8375) on 15 ...

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IMPR Humanitarian inaugurated a Child Friendly Space in Şanlıurfa

IMPR Humanitarian, who continues its humanitarian aid operations in Şanlıurfa and other southeastern provinces where Syrian refugees are residing since 3 years, has inaugurated the Child Friendly Space in its Women Community Center in Şanlıurfa. IMPR Humanitarian has publicized the new CFS established for Syrian children at the inauguration together with the participations of President of IMPR Humanitarian Assoc. Prof. ...

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International Migrants Day’s Event Report

Human beings all cross the world search for justice, safety, security and fair chance of making a living for themselves and their beloved ones, basic rights like the right to live, the right to access education and other essential human rights are also among what people search and call for. Even though the previously mentioned rights and privileges might seem ...

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IMPR Humanitarian and ASPIM Have Organized Joint Event About Violence Against Women

Joint special event was held on 26th November by IMPR Humanitarian and Urfa provincial directorate of Family and Social Affairs within the scope of 16 days activisim campaign for the preventation of violence against women. Ensar Sener, Sanlıurfa Provincial Immigration Administration director, Mahmut Sonmez, AFAD provincial director and Murat Demirkol, Provincial Directorate of Sanliurfa Family and Social Affairs also attended ...

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Teachers’ Day is celebrated for Syrian refugees at Süleyman Şah El Velid school

Teachers’ Day Celebration, which was supported by IMPR Humanitarian, was held in Süleyman Şah El Velid School where is provided education to Syrian children. The students who attent the event, read different poems through  telling the situation in Syria at Akçakale Govermental Sport Saloon. During the events, teachers and students singed diferrent songs and they also perfomed traditional folk dance. ...

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International Women’s Day Activities of IMPR Humanitarian

In many societies, women and girls face specific risks and are less likely than men and boys to have access to their rights, due to their gender roles and position in society. As of 2011, 50.5 per cent of the world’s working women were in vulnerable employment, often unprotected by labour legislation, compared to 48.2 per cent for men. On ...

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IMPR Humanitarian Short Documentary Movie and Interview with Voice of America at Urfa Community Center

IMPR Humanitarian has been working to help Syrian refugees at Community Center in Urfa since September 2013. In this context; Middle East Correspondent of Voice of America Scott Bobb has visited IMPR Humanitarian Urfa Community Center. He has recorded interviews with some of our staffs and observed some of our activities. We are pleased to share with you the short documentary movie ...

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IMPR Humanitarian provided assistance in el-Hassaka province for 8.400 house holds /25.200 individuals

Nusaybin-Turkey-The Nusaybin gate stands in Qamishli, a city controlled by the PYD, in a self-proclaimed administrative territory in northeastern Syria. At this border gate the Assad regime still controls the administrative process (paper work). A giant smiling portrait of President Assad hangs on a dusty warehouse building, and the Syrian flag flies two meters away from the Turkish Republic one.  At the ...

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