News from IMPR Humanitarian

On 23 April, 23 Syrian children visited Ali Rıza Altunel, General Director of MoNE

Ali Rıza Altunel

Within the scope of April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day events organized by IMPR, 23 Syrian children who are attending primary and secondary schools in Turkey, visited the Ministry of National Education General Director of Life Long Learning, Mr. Ali Rıza Altunel in his office. The Syrian children thanked the Turkish people in the person of General Director Mr. ...

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IMPR celebrates National Sovereignty and Children’s Day

Urfa Children's Day

IMPR celebrated this year’s National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, which is unique event in Turkey emphasizing all the world’s children as successor of the future, with all children. This year’s events for Children’s Day have been marked providing safe environment with happiness, encouraging children to participate community for friendship and expressing their own feelings through sports, art and learning activities. ...

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IMPR continues its large-scale education outreach campaign

Education Outreach Campaign 3

Turkey is currently host to more than three million refugees, almost half of whom are children. Education for school-age children is a key challenge, with 500,000 children enrolled in formal education across the country (in Turkish schools and Temporary Education Centres), while an estimated 370,000 remain out of school. Turkey has made progress in reducing the out-of-school children rate from ...

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On World Health Day, drawing attention to the depression for refugees in Turkey

World Health Day

On the occasion of World Health Day, which is celebrated on 7 April, IMPR Humanitarian is drawing attention to the importance of increasing awareness on depression aiming to make people more aware of depression and the fact that it can be prevented and treated, to have people with depression seek help; and family, friends and colleagues of people living with ...

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IMPR has launched vocational training courses for refugees in Turkey

Vocational Training Courses

As IMPR Humanitarian, with the support of UNCHR and partnership of Uludağ University Continuing Education Center, we are going to start our vocational courses’ first classes on 10 April 2017. The vocational courses that will be opened was determined based on the requests from the beneficiaries and in the fields where there are more employment opportunities. At the end of ...

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Women’s Cultural Center Workshop will be held between 30-31 March in Sanliurfa

Women's Cultural Center

Women’s Cultural Center Workshop which will be conducted by IMPR Humanitarian, UNFPA and Governorship of Sanliurfa take place between 30-31 March at IMPR Humanitarian Sanliurfa Women’s Community Center. You can reach the detailed program below. First Day – 30 March Time Session 09.00-09.30 Registration 09.30-10.15 Meeting of Participants Expectation of Participants 10.15-10.30 Pretesting – Feedback 10.30-10.45 Break 10.45-11.30 General Overwiev: ...

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Education for change on International Women’s Day

Education for Change Cover

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day, a holiday now more than a century old, is “Be Bold for Change.” It’s a message intended to push people toward concrete action on gender equality. Conflicts in Syria and the resulting displacement disproportionately burden women and children, who now comprise 78 per cent of Syrian refugees. Sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) ...

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Informal Education Program first coordination meeting was held in Sanliurfa

IFE Coordination Meeting Cover

On 7-8th of March, IMPR organized Informal Education Program First Coordination Meeting in Şanlıurfa in partnership with UNICEF Turkey and Ministry of Youth and Sport. Coordination meeting launched with the opening speeches of Prof. Veysel Ayhan, IMPR President, Ibrahim Lubbad, UNICEF Turkey Non-Formal Education Consultant, and Halil İbrahim Demir, MoYS General Directorate of Youth Services. Importance of informal education program and ...

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Reyhanli Municipality presented the IMPR Humanitarian with thank you plaque

Reyhanli Municipality

Reyhanlı Deputy Mayor and President of Hatay-Syria Association of Friendship and Brotherhood Hüseyin Yumuşak, thanked International Middle East Peace Research Center (IMPR) Turkey President Prof Dr. Veysel Ayhan and IMPR officers for their ongoing works aimed at Syrians and presented a plaquet. Prof. Dr. Ayhan, Province Coordinator Melisa Perekli, IMPR Reyhanlı Officer Ahmet Hazırlar and UNICEF Informal Education Advisor Ibrahim ...

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IMPR Humanitarian attended the Refugee Academy workshop

Refugee Academy Cover

IMPR Humanitarian was second week guest of the Refugee Academy, which was organized by Korino Co-Working Space to create a common ground of meeting for local, national and international institutions, organizations and people who are working by focusing on “Refugee and Migration”, and academicians, social entrepreneurs, NGO members and administrators and students who are interested in this subject. In the ...

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