IMPR Humanitarian inaugurated a Child Friendly Space in Şanlıurfa


IMPR Humanitarian, who continues its humanitarian aid operations in Şanlıurfa and other southeastern provinces where Syrian refugees are residing since 3 years, has inaugurated the Child Friendly Space in its Women Community Center in Şanlıurfa. IMPR Humanitarian has publicized the new CFS established for Syrian children at the inauguration together with the participations of President of IMPR Humanitarian Assoc. Prof. ...

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Digital Stories Workshop’s Exhibition with Syrian Youth

Ahmed  (5)

Syrians in Turkey live without any income and hopes. Syrian youth are under the risk to become a lost generation. They need to show the streets that they walk, the city that they live, the pigeons that fly free without any border. In order to give opportunity to Syrians to show what they would like to tell to the others, ...

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International Migrants Day’s Event Report


Human beings all cross the world search for justice, safety, security and fair chance of making a living for themselves and their beloved ones, basic rights like the right to live, the right to access education and other essential human rights are also among what people search and call for. Even though the previously mentioned rights and privileges might seem ...

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IMPR Humanitarian and ASPIM Have Organized Joint Event About Violence Against Women


Joint special event was held on 26th November by IMPR Humanitarian and Urfa provincial directorate of Family and Social Affairs within the scope of 16 days activisim campaign for the preventation of violence against women. Ensar Sener, Sanlıurfa Provincial Immigration Administration director, Mahmut Sonmez, AFAD provincial director and Murat Demirkol, Provincial Directorate of Sanliurfa Family and Social Affairs also attended ...

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Mobile Child Festival left smile on the faces of Syrian Children


Syrians have fled their homes and migrated to neighbor countries since the outbreak of civil war. There are 1.8 million Syrians in Turkey which has hosted Syrians as a result of the open door policy. 250 thousand of the total number is living within the camps where Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency of Turkey (AFAD) built in the various regions of the country ...

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Dental Screening and Fluoridation Activity for Syrian refugees


Dental screening and fluoridation activity which prepared for women and children beneficiaries, has been conducted in IMPR Humanitarian Urfa Community Center and Suruç. The importance of oral and dental health was explained in this activity which made by Sevim Demir, IMPR Humanitarian Health Consultant. It was proved that keeping good oral hygiene is essential to maintaining physical and emotional well-being ...

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Acrobatics and Magician Performance in Urfa Community Center


Refugee children affect from war more than adults, They don’t have any place and matterials for playing and fun.They are already vulnerable and winter condition affected more. Even if it for one day, we prepared this activitiy for them. Today, acrobatics and magician performance have conducted in Urfa Community Center. Even if it one day, it was very good and ...

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IMPR Humanitarian distributes blankets to Syrian refugees in Şanlıurfa

Blanket distribution

Since the civil war began in Syria, according to the UNHCR reports, the number of Syrians who fled to the neighbourhood countries reached 4 million. Turkey host the most of Syrians. According to the AFAD reports, the number of Syrians in Turkey is over 1,6 million. While 891 thousand out of that number of Syrians are living outside the camps ...

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Raising Awareness: Antenatal Care


In line with IMPR Humanitarian Community Center’s goals, raising refugee community’s awareness about different topics is essential in our work. Relying on the fact that health promotion results in better health in a community, based on the reproductive health needs for women CC has conducted a raising awareness session about safe motherhood,  e.g. Antenatal Care to encourage positive health behaviors and ...

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Refugee of Children at Kader Camp – No Lost Generation


Since on November 2013 IMPR Humanitarian of  Risk Education Team have been to give session about rise awareness focus on  war residual with our partner DRC (Danish Refugee Council) and UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Agency) at urban of Şanlıurfa. While, we have been Kader Ortakaya Camp (Suruç) which is created by municipal  government  of Şanlıurfa to give children who fled ...

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