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IMPR Humanitarian Internship Programme creates difference

IMPR Humanitarian Academic Internship

Since July 2016, IMPR Humanitarian has been implementing field based internship programmes for undergraduate and postgraduate students and those concerned for both part-time and fulltime who interested in humanitarian assistance that has more importance day-by-day within the region. Till now 169 interns have attended to the programme and completed at least 25-days internship programme. IMPR Humanitarian has provided the persons ...

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Combating Discrimination Workshop Report

Flash-combating discrimination report

Millions of refugees around the world face discrimination and the fear behind it on a daily basis. This has critical implications not only for security and stability in refugee-receiving (and refugee-rejecting) nations, but also for population health and economic growth as well. Crisis situations have some known influences on physical and psychological health part of human life. It also changes ...

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16 Days of Activism Campaign Against Gender-Based Violence


Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict in 2011, well over 6 million Syrians have fled to neighboring countries. Almost 2.5 million of Syrians have come to Turkey and live in camps and non-camp settings. Both as a direct result of the conflict in Syria and while fleeing from Syria to Turkey, some families have been separated. Traditional protection networks ...

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Access to Education and Response of IMPR Humanitarian


There are approximately 3 million Syrian have been living in Turkey since the start of Syrian conflict. 9% of them is living in the camps which were established by AFAD and 91% of them is living outside of the camps. Syrians, 77% of them are children and women, can’t reach to services easily due to lack of information although Turkey ...

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IMPR Center Women’s Community Center Evaluation Report

Women Center-1

IMPR Humanitarian has launched Women’s Community Center (WCC) in Şanlıurfa On the International Women Day, 8th of March, 2015.  WCC in Şanlıurfa is still continuing its operations since March 2015, in conducting the aforementioned 10 different branch activities together with the support of UNFPA. WCC, which is the only women’s community center located in Şanlıurfa city center providing services for refugee ...

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IMPR Humanitarian Akçakale Assesment Report


This assessment was carried out in Akcakale from 06/12/2015 to 06/17/2015, 1200 individuals were displaced from Tel el-Abyeed, now are settled in Akcakale participated in this assessment and kindely shared their ideas, opinions and thoughts with IMPR Humanitarian team, to this we are thankful for sharing their ideas and information with us and putting their trust in us. The results ...

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IMPR Humanitarian Response in Protecting Children of Syria


As of April 2015, a total of 1.8 million Syrian refugees are residing in Turkey. Over 400,000 Syrian children living in host communities remain out of school. The risk of losing a generation grows with every day that the situation deteriorates. Due to these facts, education and empower of children’s psycho-social condition are becoming important. In this context, IMPR Humanitarian ...

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IMPR Humanitarian Report No 16: Community Initiative Projects


Humanitarian Aid Department of International Middle East Peace Research Center has already finished to implement 10 CIP’s (Community Initiative Project) in and around Urfa. Before giving information about Activity Resources for Social and Cultural Activities Project in Ceylanpınar, we should mention about the necessities and ideas of CIP. These projects will be the outputs of IMPR’s works in the field, ...

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Şırnak Protection Project for Ezidi Asylum-seekers


IMPR Humanitarian Report No 15 Şırnak Protection Project Report As it is known towards the end of August around 30,000 Iraqi refugees, predominantly Ezidi refugees entered Turkey to seek safety and assistance. They were actually dispersed in different areas of south eastern territory such as, Şırnak, Diyarbakır, Batman, Silopi, Cizre, Viranşehir, and Mardin. Since the first day of trasmission, IMPR ...

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fotograf 10

Since September, 2014 Kobani was under siege and heavy bombardments, the damage driven by the war blocked off people from accessing to their basic needs from any field. During the war, about 220 thousand people were obliged to evacuate their houses from Kobani city centre and settlements which belong to Kobani Canton. After ISIS forces were defeated, a new period ...

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