Wednesday , 27 October 2021

Infographic & Interactive

Digital Stories Workshop’s Exhibition with Syrian Youth

Syrians in Turkey live without any income and hopes. Syrian youth are under the risk to become a lost generation. They need to show the streets that they walk, the city that they live, the pigeons that fly free without any border. In order to give opportunity to Syrians to show what they would like to tell to the others, ...

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Risk Education Project Report

“Risk Education is aim to minimize the bad affect on people of war and maximize the methods against such alarming figures because of the war. A major factor shaping this kind of humanitarian action is raise awareness dealing with materials which do not erupt yet in the battlefield. People’s security at the forefront, we are repeating efforts to form an ...

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IMPR Humanitarian Report: Hygiene Distribution in Urfa

In IMPR Humanitarian Urfa CC, we have been working on identifying solutions for  problems as well as solving the problems in Urfa where there is an intensive migration of Syrians. To identify the problems and demands we used three- step methdology through the control of expert social workers First of all, the meetings were hold with local authorities and relavant ...

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Interactive Report: Kobani Refugees in Suruç

Two week ago, namely 19 september 2014, IS (Islamic State) attacked so widely the Kurdish villages of Kobani, the thing that let thousands of Syrian Kurds to flee their homes towards the Turkish borders seeking safety. Since the civil war has started in Syria, Turkey has been one of the countries hosting biggestnumber of the Syrian refugees in its lands. After ...

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IMPR Humanitarian Report: The Situations of Yazidis within the Region

Yazidis whom attack on Shengal (Sincar region) of ISIS promptedtens of thousands of people to flee to Shengal mountain and around villages of Mosul reached to Zaho by passing througt the security corridor where PKK, YPG and forces of Peshmerge has established. While Yazidis assylum-seekers who have got passport were arriving Turkey, the others who do not have any passport ...

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