Monday , 24 February 2020

DAFI Scholarship Programme for Syrian Youngs in Turkey

Acces to education is fundemental rights even for displaced people according to turkish national law all children and youngs including foreigners (and international protection applicant refugees, and those under temporary protection have right to recieve primary, secondary and higher education free of charge.

As the conflicts in Syria drags on nto a third and fourth year with no sign of abating, life may arguably be as difficult for higher education-eligible Syrians who are now living in Turkey. Many of these young people have not had the opportunity to start university, or have had their education abruptly disrupted. Syrian youngs in Turkey, who is forced to give up their higher-education in their country due to civil war, are in need to continue their education or accesing to higher education.Therefore applications of DAFI Scholarship Programme which is implamented in partnership with Türkiye Bursları Programme, is opened to support Syrian youngs who want to enroll higher education in Turkey.Relevant documents are avaible in Arabic and Turkish on following link ;

DAFI Scholarship flyer (Arabic)DAFI Scholarship flyer (Türkçe)


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