Give Hope Back to Refugee Children

Life does not stop in the sound of bullets or in the barrel of a canon, even in war time life can blossom again and hope of a better future can be restored. But there should be something, something that can help the families and their children to get out of war, fear, tension, and psychological pressure state of mind.


This work is much needed in this level to make the children overcome the effects of the war. That is why we focused more on the children and started slowly erasing all the horrifying images and sound of war through a diverse list of psychosocial activities, leisure, public awareness, life skills, and recreational activities, physical and intercultural activities. This is the initial step to decrease the pressures which children are suffering from and to change their psychological state and to build up their self trust.

The planets board (children rights)

This is one of the activities that were implemented in the IMPR Humanitarian child friendly spaces. In this activity, the child get introduced to his rights, through drawing on a big piece of carton the planets that represent children rights, in each planet there is one article of the child rights articles. Here there are seven planets with seven different articles and in the middle there is the sun which represents the main center in which all the planets revolve around it (the children rights convention). In the first planet we see:

  • The child right in the protection from violence and abuse: this is a natural right for each child, so we deliver it to the child in smooth and easy way; because violence in the times of war dominates the child’s psychological state, so we represent this idea through simulation.
  • The child’s right to education: all children have the right to access education and that it is not exclusive for some children.
  • The child’s right to freedom of expression: every child has the right to express his opinion, whatever that opinion would be, it does not have to be right or wrong since it is only expressing the personality of the speaker and no one has the right to prevent the other from expressing his/her opinion.
  • The child’s right to rest, leisure and do recreational activities: children can play without being prevented by anyone and they also have their natural rights to rest.
  • The child’s right in care and health: as they say “the healthy brain is in the healthy body” health is essential element for living a normal and a happy life, so taking care of your health is very important.
  • The child’s right of participation: all children like all other people have the right to participate in giving an opinion and to participate in any activity that he likes but with a positive principle and without harming themselves or the others.

When we gave this activity to the children we noticed the positive reflections of the children’s performances in their behaviors and practices, and it also enhanced the positive grants, which we saw that all the children have opinions and want to participate. We also noticed the decrease of the aggressive behavior among the children, and we were able to draw a smile upon their faces and to draw the road of a better and prettier future together, hand by hand.

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