IMPR celebrates National Sovereignty and Children’s Day

IMPR celebrated this year’s National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, which is unique event in Turkey emphasizing all the world’s children as successor of the future, with all children.

This year’s events for Children’s Day have been marked providing safe environment with happiness, encouraging children to participate community for friendship and expressing their own feelings through sports, art and learning activities. Since they are children first, instead of identifying as refugee or migrant children, IMPR conducted and organized all its events with the participation of all children.

Here are some photos from events:

In Ankara, IMPR organized an event at rehabilitation center inside the nature, where children had chance flying kite, planting flowers, listening fun stories, riding horse, and playing sport and games.

“I haven’t had any chance to ride horse, even in Syria. At the first time, I scared a little bit, then I have gotten used to it.  It was adorable”, said Rawaa, one of the children participated to the event.

Children's Day Ankara Children's Day Ankara 1

In Adana, children planted trees and participate the kite festival organized by Youth Center and IMPR. Children have been distributed stationary kit at the end of Children’s Day event.

Children's Day AdanaChildren's Day Adana 1

In Gaziantep, approximately 100 children visited the Zoo and had chance to discover around with their own parents.

Children's Day Antep 1 Children's Day Antep

In İstanbul, children visited toy museum and participated painting workshop.

Children's Day Istanbul 1 Children's Day Istanbul

In İzmir, children visited science museum and horse farm, where they were riding horses.

Children's Day Izmir 2 Children's Day Izmir

In Şanlıurfa, IMPR organized huge event, where dance, theatre and music performance, clown show have been held with Provincial Directorate of Ministry of Family and Social Policies.

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