Blanket distribution

IMPR Humanitarian distributes blankets to Syrian refugees in Şanlıurfa

Since the civil war began in Syria, according to the UNHCR reports, the number of Syrians who fled to the neighbourhood countries reached 4 million. Turkey host the most of Syrians. According to the AFAD reports, the number of Syrians in Turkey is over 1,6 million. While 891 thousand out of that number of Syrians are living outside the camps depending on their own means, 223 thousand refugees live in the camps which were established in the various part of the country.The refugees outside the camps live in unfinished buildings, garages and in the tents which are not set up by governmental institious

The Syrian refugees have several problems related with accessing to education and health services, meeting the core needs, integration into the host community and sheltering.  However, due to harsh winter condition, the meeting their core needs become more important

In the first month of 2015, the unexpected temparature drops, caused already displaced and vulnerable refugees become more vulnerable .This will be  the forth winter away from their houses. While the temparatures are dropping, Syian families are struggling to protect themselves and their children againts severe cold weather conditions

IMPR Humanitarian Emergency Support Desk continue to distrubute  the core  relief ıtems  in the face of deteriorated winter conditions to the refugee families who are in need.

Last week our field asisstants identified 39 Syrian refugee families in need of emergency assistance as a result of the field work conducted in 10 different neighbourhood and distrubuted 80 blankets to these families. Our teams reached the families, consisting of 279 indiviuals,who live in these neighbourhoods : Bağlarbaşı, Yenice, Hakim Dede, Beykapısı, Şeyh Maksut, Topdağı, Hayati Harran, Sigorta ve Süleymaniye and meet their urgent needs

During the distrubution of the urgent relief items by our teams, 47 refugee children were identified who are between 0-4 years and their needs of milk, nappies and winter clothes should be provided immediately.

IMPR Humanitarian continues to meet the urgent needs of Syrians. due to harsh winter condition. Wit your support, we can help more refugee children and their families.

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