Monday , 24 February 2020

IMPR Humanitarian Report: Hygiene Distribution in Urfa

Hygiene Distribution Report [PDF]

In IMPR Humanitarian Urfa CC, we have been working on identifying solutions for  problems as well as solving the problems in Urfa where there is an intensive migration of Syrians. To identify the problems and demands we used three- step methdology through the control of expert social workers

First of all, the meetings were hold with local authorities and relavant institions in neighbourhood of Urfa where most Syrians reside. The meetings covered the main needs of Syrians and how we can find solutions to these needs

Secondly, our expert social workers did home visits to the Syrians living area and they conducted focus groups in Urfa CC as well. All interviews and focus groups ensure confidentality and take into account beneficiaries sensibility

Thirdhly, three different focus groups were conducted. These groups consists of women, men and youths. We asked spesific questions to identify the main needs and demands

After this need assessment conducted by IMPR Urfa CC social workers, it was reported and also we observed clearly that Syrians are in need of hygiene kits

  • After the meetings were hold with local authorities, they indicated that Syrians due to their hard life standards they put hygiene materials on the back burner and due to lack of economic reasons, they live in insanitary conditions. For this reason they are really in need for hygiene kits
  • During the interviews, Syrians mentioned that they dnt prioritise the hygiene materials in their life, rather than food needs. But if they have opportunities, they will give preference to the hygiene materials too. They also mentioned that due to economic conditions, they avoid to ask these kind of demands from the breadwinner.
  • They indicated that even hygiene is vital need, their priority is nourishment according to the questions directed to focus groups through different and mutual questions

Hygiene Distribution Report [PDF]

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