IMPR Humanitarian Report: The Situations of Yazidis within the Region

Yazidis whom attack on Shengal (Sincar region) of ISIS promptedtens of thousands of people to flee to Shengal mountain and around villages of Mosul reached to Zaho by passing througt the security corridor where PKK, YPG and forces of Peshmerge has established. While Yazidis assylum-seekers who have got passport were arriving Turkey, the others who do not have any passport arrived Silopi by following illegal ways; such as using route of Beytü’ş Şebab and Uludere. Yazidis largely tent to placed in Silopi/Şırnak, Cizre/Şırnak, Midyat/Mardin, Viranşehir/Urfa and Diyarbakır.

As a IMPR Humanitarian, we started to field research on Yazidis’ situation since they came to Turkey. We have already prepared the reports on the situations of Yazidis as a result of an intensified efforts by IMPR Humanitarian. Teams of IMPR Humanitarian arranged different psychosocial activities such as; handcraft, face painting, painting pictures etc. for children and adults. Along with these activities, milk, chocolate and balon were distrubuted to children. Then, hygiene kits were given into 381 because of lack of hygiene materials. Yazidis families were interwieved by Case Team of IMPR and their main needs were determined.

IMPR Humanitarian Crisis Team is ready to providing and sharing information and also enhancing coordination within the region.

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