IMPR has organized a kick-off training within the scope of ‘IMPR Informal Education Program’

Within the scope of the ‘Informal Education Program for Syrian Refugees and Turkish Adolescents in Turkey’ which is supported by UNICEF and implemented by IMPR, a kick-off training for the Outreach Team was held between 13-18 February in Ankara. Throughout the training, the outreach teams had the chance to meet each other and attended the sessions on Syrian refugee childrens’ access to education, protection of refugee children in national and international regulations, children rights, case management, psychosocial first aid and referring mechanisms. While UNICEF Turkey team provided support to the training program on issues such as refugee childrens’ access to education and education opportunities and childrens rights and fieldwork, Ministry of National Education Life-long Learning General Manager Ali Rıza Altunel made a speech at the third day of the program.

During his speech, Ali Rıza Altunel presented a lot of information and numeric data on the given rights and the implementation for the refugee Syrian children and other refugee children regarding the framework of their access to education.  Altunel stated in his speech that 485.000 Syrian children are attending the education in Turkey in the state schools and temporary education centers and approximately 16000 refugee children are schooling as guest students in Turkey.

Altunel, who stated that the number of Syrian children in Turkey is 1.2 million, among these about 833 thousand of children are in school age, but 333 thousand children are not yet enrolled, said that about 200 thousand of the 333 thousand refugee children who are out of school are in the high school age and 70-80% of them are female. Altunel added that they have forecasted 150 thousand Syrians will be able to attend school in the future.

Altunel also said that 69,000 Syrians benefited from the Public Education Centres that contributed to the education and personal development of the Syrians living in Turkey.

Altunel, who stated that the schooling rate of the Syrian children is rising to 80-85% for primary school, decreasing to 68% for the secondary school, and highly decreasing to 17% for high school, mentioned that IMPR’s outreach teams will play a significant role particularly for the identification and informing of the children out of school, and wished teams, who attended the training, success in future fieldwork.

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