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Since July 2016, IMPR Humanitarian has been implementing field based internship programmes for undergraduate and postgraduate students and those concerned for both part-time and fulltime who interested in humanitarian assistance that has more importance day-by-day within the region. Till now 169 interns have attended to the programme and completed at least 25-days internship programme.

IMPR Humanitarian has provided the persons deserved taking place in both theoretical and practical stage in terms of building the capacity of the persons who have educated in the field of humanitarian studies by means of internship programme. Thus the programme has contributed the trainees with regard to increase knowledge, skill and exercise.

After completing her 3-months long-term internship programme, Tilloeva Gulnigor Salimovna, one of IMPR Humanitarian’s intern, has shared her feeling with IMPR Humanitarian; 

One of the great experiences of the year was my internship with IMPR Humanitarian within this summer. Now that i am starting my new academic year, i would like to take the opportunity to thank every and each of my colleagues, some of whom eventually became a very good friend for me, all the staff members and workers of the organization for all the memories and experiences that they shared with me. 

Notwithstanding whether i met you for a short or long time each and everyone of you got your place in the corner of my heart. I am blessed to have met so many of you and learned from each and everyone of you a lot of lessons for my personal and professional growth. 

I will definitely be missing you, the learned experiences, the working environment and most importantly the field visits. However, what is important is the fact the experiences enriched me and pushed me a step further on my way to professional growth. Therefore, i extend my biggest gratitude to my IMPR Humanitarian family. Hope the wind of life would give me a chance to meet you all again.

Good health and luck for all of you with the great work that you accomplish. Prosperity to the organization. 

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Since refugee crisis has became significant in Turkey, IMPR Humanitarian has been giving importance the training of students who interest with the field. If you wish to create difference and raise your knowledge on humanitarian field, you can apply for IMPR Humanitarian’s internship program be part of humanitarian field

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