IMPR Humanitarian held a range of events for refugee children in Ankara

Turkey hosts nearly 1.2 million Syrian refugee children, of which 830.000 of them are in school-age, altough approximately 333.000 of them haven’t been enrolled any formal education yet. As the results of being out of school, many refugee children are at risk to be subjected child protection-related issues. Many of them are in need of participating community and has right to play and fun. To cover current educational needs of refugee children in Turkey, recently IMPR has launched its education program in partnership with UNICEF Turkey. As part of this program, on 10-11th of February excursion programme for refugee children in Ankara was conducted.

On the conducted special event theatre named “Yaramaz Kukla Gigi” was performed in Ankara Mamak Women’s Community Centre on 10th of February 2017. Nearly 100 Iraqi and Syrian children attended to the performance. It has been aimed creating children-friendly atmosphere through IMPR’s informal education programme in partnership with UNICEF Turkey. Special event continued on 11th of February with the visitation of Feza Gursey Science Center and MTA Natural History Museum.

On the programme, children learnt science by fun and had chance to express their feelings. Special event has been designed  based upon the outputs of conducted focus group discussion with the parents, as they mentioned; “their children have right to play and fun” and we tried to give what they expect through this event. Here you are watching video from the event:

Excursion Programme Excursion Programme 1

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