IMPR Humanitarian Informal Education Team conducted awareness session on access to education

Due to situation in Syria and domestic turbulence in Iraq and Afghanistan, Turkey hosts the largest number of refugees in the world. While 12% of the Syrian refugees are accommodated in camps, remaining 88% lives in 81 provinces. In addition to 2.8 million registered Syrian refugees, there are also non-Syrians (Iraqi, Afghan etc.) registered with UNHCR in Turkey (app. 291,209 persons of concerns as of December 2016), who are scattered in more than 75 cities.

When it is considered that 58.2% of Syrian refugees are under 18 years-old, especially the subjects of child protection, education, primary health services, and awareness among communities are critical respond area in the context of Turkey.

In order to respond huge needs on accessing education for refugees in Turkey, recently IMPR Humanitarian has launched informal education program in partnership with UNICEF and Ministry of Youth and Sport in 15 provinces where consist great number of refugees.

Main aim of the program is to identify out of school refugee children and adopt them to formal education system. In this context on 11th of January Ankara Informal Education program outreach team conducted information dissemination and raising awareness session targeting 30 refugees at IMPR Humanitarian’s Mamak Women’s Community Center.

During the session, participants were informed on procedures and necessary documents of accessing formal education in Turkey. Barriers and problems also were discussed. After information sessions, Turkish Public Schools’ address and contact information were shared with participants and Q&A session was conducted.

For more information about the program, check the link below:

Informal Education Programme for Syrian refugee children and Turkish adolescents

Informal Education Informal Education

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