IMPR Humanitarian attended informal education workshop

Since the Syrian refugee crisis has started, Turkey has been hosting 2.8 million Syrian refugees of which 2.5 million live in host community. 1.2 millions of Syrian refugees are children, of which over 800.000 are estimated to be school age children, although around 500.000 of them are enrolled in Turkish public schools and temporary education centres. Even tough expanding and improving process on the quality of the formal education system, there are still many out of school children.

In response to education needs of Syrian refugee children there has been many interventions and activities done by government of Turkey and NGOs. Standardising preparation of formal education and adopting Syrian refugee children to Turkish public schools, on 24-25th of January, a workshop on informal education was conducted by Southeast Education Working Group. At the meeting, many organizations including IMPR Humanitarian and UN agencies discussed the learning outputs, recommendations of informal education programs.

IMPR Humanitarian also participated to the workshop to display its interventions on education sector through established market place and contributed group discussions.

Informal Education Poster Informal Education Poster

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