Interactive Report: Kobani Refugees in Suruç

Two week ago, namely 19 september 2014, IS (Islamic State) attacked so widely the Kurdish villages of Kobani, the thing that let thousands of Syrian Kurds to flee their homes towards the Turkish borders seeking safety.

Since the civil war has started in Syria, Turkey has been one of the countries hosting biggestnumber of the Syrian refugees in its lands. After IS is heading towards the Kobani region called as Ayn-al Arap, seized numbers of the villages and had advanced to within 10 km of the Kobani Center, the other biggest refugee influx has been witnessed in Turkey. Turkey has opened 8 entrance points for the Syrian in the Suruç/Şanlıurfa; Esentepe, Çengelli, Mert İsmail, Çanakçı, Alanyurt (one gate in East and the other in West) Mürşitpınar, Yumurtalık.

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