Legal help line available for Syrians in Turkey

Legal constultation became one of the most important needs for Syrians in Turkey. Therefore as IMPR Humanitarian we have been conducted individual and group legal counselling sessions in Urfa Community Center. During these sessions IMPR provides high quality of information with Syrians. Thus Syrians is informed about their rights and accesible service in Turkey. In this context as IMPR Humanitarian its our pleasure to share information related new legal help line service provided by American Bar Association.

If you are Syrian refugee in Turkey and you want to know what kind of rights you have and you need legal consultation from lawyer, you can send your question by Arabic or Turkish throgh SMS to belowed number. After you send a message next day lawyer will answer to your question.

Legal Help Line: 0534 972 52 94

Information of Legal Help Line [PDF] in Arabic&English

IMPR also will plan to conduct a series of legal counselling sessions about frequently asked questions for legal issues. It will be about some issues that Syrians always face such as marriage procedure, work accident, passaport and travelling, residence and rental,  woman trafficking and kidnapping. See the table below for program of counselling sessions:

Urfa Community Center Subject Date Time Place
Marriage Procedure 10.8.2015 13.00-15.00 p.m Cinema Room
Work Accident 17.8.2015 13.00-15.00 p.m Cinema Room
Passaport and Travelling 24.8.2015 13.00-15.00 p.m Cinema Room
Residence and Rental 31.8.2015 13.00-15.00 p.m Cinema Room
Woman Trafficking and Kidnapping 7.9.2015 13.00-15.00 p.m Cinema Room
Women Community Center Marriage Procedure 10.8.2015 15.30-17.00 pm Women CC
Work Accident 17.8.2015 15.30-17.00 pm Women CC
Passaport and Travelling 24.8.2015 15.30-17.00 pm Women CC
Residence and Rental 31.8.2015 15.30-17.00 pm Women CC
Woman Trafficking and Kidnapping 7.9.2015 15.30-17.00 pm Women CC

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