Monday , 24 February 2020

Mobile Child Festival left smile on the faces of Syrian Children

Syrians have fled their homes and migrated to neighbor countries since the outbreak of civil war. There are 1.8 million Syrians in Turkey which has hosted Syrians as a result of the open door policy. 250 thousand of the total number is living within the camps where Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency of Turkey (AFAD) built in the various regions of the country and the rest is struggling with their own means. Children and adolescents constitute the %50 percent of the Syrian refugees living in Turkey.

In this context, first point to note is that conflict and war continuum has left the worst effect on children and adolescents more than adults. Children, who are lapsed into silence and got ill-tempered psychology, were forced to flee Syria, their houses, playgrounds and relatives because of the escalation of Syrian civil war. The refugee children, who have difficulty in expressing their thoughts and feelings, are living far away from the schools and playgrounds in which they could develop their mentalist and physical improvements. The fact of immigration and the lower life standards affects children more, besides education, health services and transportation problem affects directly the psychology of them.

In the southeastern part of Turkey, where Syrian refugees are in major, the temperature has decreased a lot and made the refugees confront even hard conditions nowadays. As a result of our field observation, it has been recorded that refugee children need a playground, a place where they can have fun and leave behind the ruins of the war even if it is for few days. Thus, we began to intensify serving Syrian child refugees by meeting the main needs. Within this context, while IMPR Humanitarian Emergency Support Call continued to contribute to cover needs, they arranged a Mobile Children Festival for the refugee Syrian children.

Mobile Children Festival were carried out in Aligör and Ziyaret villages in Suruç, Syrian school in Akçakale and Urfa Community Center with the attendance of 1500 children and their families to the activities. At the end of the activities of illusionist performance, child theatre, kite carnival, clown activity, face painting, free paintings and traditional dance activities a distribution of cake and milk was realized to all participant children. Throughout the festival, children were smiling and enjoying their time by clapping their hands and screams of joy as IMPR on the other side.

As a closing speech, Akçakale Syrian School Manager Abu Halil expressed his sincere thanks to IMPR Humanitarian family for their wondrous works in the field.

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