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Procedures applicable to Syrians under Temporary Protection wishing to write TOEFL examination in Turkey

UNHCR  has  been  informed  that  some  Syrians  have  been  experiencing  difficulties  either  when applying  to write  TOEFL examination in Turkey  or  on  the  day  of  the  examination  as  the identification documents issued to them by the Turkish authorities have not been accepted as valid forms of identification at the testing centres.   In order to guard against fraud, TOEFL has strict policies on the types of identification documents that can be used when sitting examinations.  Many Syrians in Turkey are not able to satisfy the criteria laid down for persons who wish to write the TOEFL examination outside of their country of origin, and the ID documents issued to Syrians in Turkey are not listed as one of the documents accepted at TOEFL examination centres.

UNHCR has been in discussion with the TOEFL examining body in order to better understand the procedures applicable to Syrians in Turkey who are registered with the Turkish authorities.  UNHCR has been informed that Syrians in Turkey should follow the general procedures laid down in the ETS/ TOEFL registration guidelines for persons who are “unable to meet ID requirements”.  As IMPR Humanitarian it’s our pleasure to share this information with Syrian students, who wants to attend TOEFL examination.

file,pdf,file pdf,paper,document TOEFL Exam ID procedures for Syrians in Turkey [Arabic]
file,pdf,file pdf,paper,document TOEFL Exam ID procedures for Syrians in Turkey [English]

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