Raising Awareness: Antenatal Care

In line with IMPR Humanitarian Community Center’s goals, raising refugee community’s awareness about different topics is essential in our work. Relying on the fact that health promotion results in better health in a community, based on the reproductive health needs for women CC has conducted a raising awareness session about safe motherhood,  e.g. Antenatal Care to encourage positive health behaviors and prevent many common health problems during pregnancy.

60 women showed interest in attending the session, where everybody was seated comfortably and was ready for active participation in the discussion.

The session started with what participants know already about the antenatal care service, and we built on, what they do not know. We told about advantages, how often and at what time a pregnant woman should have antenatal check-ups, and we gave examples of healthy practices such as eating a balanced diet, taking iron and folic acid pills, taking enough exercise, getting enough sleep at night, and avoiding health-damaging behaviours such as smoking, drinking a lot of alcohol.

During the session, there was a two-way communication as participants were encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences, and express their ideas and suggestions freely.

It was so important to share with participants the service providers’ addresses and places, so that they can access safe services.


Before the end of this session, questions were raised by participants about antenatal care, and other topics related to women’s reproductive health such as reasons of early delivery, abortion, uterine fibrosis, contraceptives…etc.

And for the purpose of promoting personal hygiene during pregnancy, we distributed mini-hygiene kits to all participants.

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