IMPR Humanitarian attended the Refugee Academy workshop

IMPR Humanitarian was second week guest of the Refugee Academy, which was organized by Korino Co-Working Space to create a common ground of meeting for local, national and international institutions, organizations and people who are working by focusing on “Refugee and Migration”, and academicians, social entrepreneurs, NGO members and administrators and students who are interested in this subject.

In the first part of the academy, especially child refugees, studies on the prevention of traumas, social and psychosocial intervention areas were discussed, while the second part was about the problems that the Syrian refugees faced in the Aegean region, IMPR’s intervention areas, works that carried out regarding the refugees’ access to work permits and labor markets.

At the program, in which many social sciences university students participated, students are intensively interested in the projects that are continuing in the field of child protection, and asked many questions about internship opportunities at IMPR, working life and the dynamics of working in civil society.

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