Monday , 23 September 2019

Refugee of Children at Kader Camp – No Lost Generation

Since on November 2013 IMPR Humanitarian of  Risk Education Team have been to give session about rise awareness focus on  war residual with our partner DRC (Danish Refugee Council) and UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Agency) at urban of Şanlıurfa.

While, we have been Kader Ortakaya Camp (Suruç) which is created by municipal  government  of Şanlıurfa to give children who fled by IS (Islamic State) attack came from at Kobani rise awareness and  distributed milk&cake they gave to us song which is below as gift, we are appreciate that.

Refugees children can’t access to enough education therefore, school of camp are very important for them, we understand from the song they are very willing to go school and never give up.


The #childrenofsyria are a generation at risk of losing everything. They want and need to go to school. To be protected. To be comforted. Because the children of Syria are the future of Syria.

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