Reyhanli Municipality presented the IMPR Humanitarian with thank you plaque

Reyhanlı Deputy Mayor and President of Hatay-Syria Association of Friendship and Brotherhood Hüseyin Yumuşak, thanked International Middle East Peace Research Center (IMPR) Turkey President Prof Dr. Veysel Ayhan and IMPR officers for their ongoing works aimed at Syrians and presented a plaquet.

Prof. Dr. Ayhan, Province Coordinator Melisa Perekli, IMPR Reyhanlı Officer Ahmet Hazırlar and UNICEF Informal Education Advisor Ibrahim Lubbad and other officers made a meaningful visit to the Deputy Mayor and Association President Yumuşak. Yumuşak who shared information regarding the works of their association and stated that Reyhanlı is hosting to approximately 108.000 Syrian refugees, thanked IMPR for their important works and support in the field of refugees and presented a plaquet. During the visit which was held on 24 February 2017, Yumuşak emphasized the importance of the humanitarian aid works IMPR has been conducting in cooperation with both Reyhanlı Municipality and the association and he also stated that as a result of following the responsibility sharing principle, a serious contribution has been made regarding Syrians’ access to the offered services as well as a positive impact on the economic and social level has been started to be observed in the district.

IMPR President stated that the works of Reyhanli Municiplaity aimed at Syrians under Temporary Protection are praiseworthy and thanked Reyhanlı Mayor Hüseyin Şanverdi and Deputy Mayor and the President of Hatay-Syria Association of Friendship and Brotherhood Hüseyin Yumuşak for their pioneer role in the field.

President Ayhan who added that IMPR has been conducting many aid programs in and around Hatay has stated the following;

“In our project of distribution of PTT Card which we have been conducting in cooperation with UNHCR, we gave priority to Hatay and was one of the first in carrying out the infrastructure works in collaboration with UNHCR. With the contribution and support of our honourable deputy to the parliament Fevzi Şanverdi, Mayor Hüseyin Şanverdi and Deputy Mayor and Association President Hüseyin Yumuşak, we are going to expand our humanitarian aid programs in Hatay. I also would like to thank people of Hatay for the support they have been providing to us. By means of IMPR Refugees Support Center which was opened within the body of Reyhanlı Municipality, we have conduced to the winterization card distribution to 1.500 families over the last two months in Hatay. As a result of our cooperation with UNHCR, children playgrounds, sitting groups and outdoor sports equipment will be set up within two months in Reyhanlı and other border towns. Furthermore, as IMPR, we are going to open a Women Center in Reyhanlı in collaboration with Reyhanlı Municipality. In the field of education, in cooperation with Ministry of Sports and Youth and UNICEF, informal Turkish language courses which conform the Public Education curriculum will start in a short time.”

Ayhan who emphasized the importance of the cooperation among local NGOs, Municipalities and UN organizations in Turkey has stated that under the leadership and support of our government and Turkish people, local governments and authorities have been hosting and protecting the ones seeking asylum in Turkey with great abnegation and generocity and he said the following about the works that are being conducted:

“By means of “IMPR Refugee Support Center operating within the body of Reyhanlı Municipality and as a result of field studies aimed at determining and meeting the basic needs of refugees, providing one-off PTT Cards cash support to 1500 families project was conducted successfully and the PTT Card Program supported by UNHCR will continue throughout March. Another IMPR Project is to offer free counselling about work permit for the Foreigners under Temporary Protection with the support of UNHCR and the coordination of Ministry of Labor and Social Security. An IMPR Project about sports was the first wide range sports project aimed at both Syrian refugees and Turkish people. With the support of UNHCR and the coordination Ministry of Youth and Sports, mixed teams were formed and the participation to the Tournament for Brotherhood was encouraged. The tournament which involved 16 Provinces resulted with the Hatay team taking second in the tournament in December 2016. IMPR will also organize social cohesion and language courses with the support of UNICEF and the coordination of Public Education Centres and the Ministry of Youth and Sports. With the project which will start in June, the Syrian refugees will be able to receive informal language education that conforms the Public Education curriculum. With the support of UNHCR, IMPR has started providing direct infrastructural support to the Municipalities in Hatay for the first time. Within this scope, children playgrounds, outdoor sports fields, sitting groups and garbage containers project was carried into effect. The tenders and the procurement stages have been completed and openings for these areas will be made together with the relevant Municipalities starting from March. Within the scope of the project, a close working relationship and collaboration was established with Reyhanlı Municipality. With the support of UNHCR, IMPR has provided winter support to approximately 4.000 families province-wide in Hatay. For the project, alongside with the Municipalities in Hatay, a direct collaboration with governorate and Provincial Immigration Authority was made. Also, there is another project of opening Women Community Centres with the cooperation of Reyhanlı Municipality and the support of UNFPA.”

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About IMPR Humanitarian

International Middle East Peace Research Centre (short name IMPR), is an Ankara based NGO working on refugee rights, providing support to meeting the needs and solving the problems of the people and communities affected by natural disasters, crises, conflicts, violation of human rights and improving their living conditions.

IMPR Humanitarian has started its works in the humanitarian field right after the official founding and establishment procedures in 2012 and IMPR is an NGO working to meet the basic needs of hundreds of thousand refugees and local people at its offices established in 30 different cities.

News Source: Hatay Yurt Haber

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