Şırnak Protection and Winter Assistant for Ezidi Refugees

Project Name Şırnak Protection and Winter Assistant for Ezidi Refugees
Project Duration 01/11/2014-15/6/2015
Partner Organization International Rescue Committee
Donor Europen Commision Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO)
Implementation Area(s) Şırnak-Maden Camp
Sector(s) Protection, Community Services, information management, coordination, Water Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion,
Objectives of Project   Set up, supply, furnish and operate 1 Child Friendly Space providing daily activities for up to 500 boys and girls aged 5-13 year-old.Set up, supply, furnish and operate 1 women’s center providing daily activities, services and including an adolesencent girls group.Store, handle and distribute 700 winter kits and total of 2800 hygiene consumable kits (divided on monthly distribution.)Establish, supplying manage cleaning teams to ensure helathy environmental conditions in communal areas, latrine blocks and washing facilities.Make food assesment and support Common Kitchen with preparation weekly menu and provided foods from markets by Food Security Officer.

Communicate and coordinate all activities with municipality, NGOs and camp residents ensuring that camp population and municipality are constantly aware of services being provided and how to access them.

Beneficiaries reached 917 individuals

Number of Beneficiaries reached

Target Group Male Female
Infants and young children (0-59 months) 121 56 65
Children (5-17 years) 318 149 169
Adults (18-59 years) 448 258 190
Elderly (>50 years) 30 15 15

With ECHO’s contribution, IMPR has implemented a important project for Yazidis, who live in Şırnak, between October 2014 and June 2015. During to this project, IMPR has made Yazidis’ life easier through opened women friendly space and child friendly space to provide psychosocial activities for them as well as provide daily food and hygiene kits. After the end of project, IMPR decided to continue some parts of project with its own fund for not to leave Yazidis alone.

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