Şırnak Protection Project for Ezidi Asylum-seekers

IMPR Humanitarian Report No 15 Şırnak Protection Project Report

Report No 15 Şırnak Protection and Winter Assistant Project-page-001 (1)As it is known towards the end of August around 30,000 Iraqi refugees, predominantly Ezidi refugees entered Turkey to seek safety and assistance. They were actually dispersed in different areas of south eastern territory such as, Şırnak, Diyarbakır, Batman, Silopi, Cizre, Viranşehir, and Mardin. Since the first day of trasmission, IMPR Humanitarian has been supporting displaced Ezidî asylum-seekers through different ways. We published 6 reports about the conditions of Ezidi people and with support of UNFPA we’ve also distributed more than 4.400 hygiene kits to households and public buildings in Batman, Şırnak and Mardin provinces. At the same time we did our special activities in different Ezidi camps.

IMPR Humanitarian has started the implementation of protection, Child Friendly Space, Women Friendly Space, Individual Protection, Co Manager of Common Kitchen, food assistances, winterization, hygiene kits, water sanitation and hygiene promotion in the Şırnak Ezidi Camp -as known Maden Camp- with support of ECHO since November, 2014.

You can download the IMPR Humanitarian’s Report 15 by click the belowed link:

IMPR Humanitarian Report No 15 Şırnak Protection Project Report


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