SPARK Scholarship for Syrians in Turkey

SPARK, Dutch non-profit organisation with more than 20 years of experience in the development of Higher Education in conflict-affected areas, has conducted summer universities for young Syrian refugees and have provided scholarships to Syrian Refugees to assist educational institutions in Turkey with their response strategy amid the Syrian crisis, to contribute to studies and career prospects of Syrian refugees in Turkey, and to help build community cohesion.

SPARK presently offers 10 scholarship for  Syrians in Turkey. The scholarships will be available as of 1 October 2015.

A candidate applying for the SPARK scholarship scheme must:

  • Be a national of Syria;
  • Be available for the entire period of the selected course and be able to take part in the entire course;
  • Demonstrate a solid link between his/her educational background and the selected course and motivation to actively engage within the community;
  • Meet the admission requirements of the selected course. As such a candidate must have a General Certificate Exam Diploma (undergraduate courses) or bachelor’s degree (graduate courses) in one of the selected fields of study and meet other educational or professional requirements, which may vary per course and university;
  • Offer evidence of proficiency in speaking and writing the language of instruction (English, Arabic, Kurdish or Turkish).

More information about ”SPARK Scholarship Scheme for Syrian Refugees” are available in English and Arabic:

SPARK Scholarship (Arabic) SPARK Scholarship (English)

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