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IMPR Humanitarian Akçakale Response

Assistance of Dignity Kits According to the assessment conducted by IMPR Humanitarian Akcakale Office between the dates of 12-17 June 2015 amongst 87 families, 68% of the families stated that they did not receive any hygiene kits for 45 days. 54% of the attendees stated that there is a direct link between the hygiene kits and the health problems. During ...

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Arabic&Turkish Courses for INGO staffs

An assessment has been conducted by IMPR Humanitarian Academy between the dates of 03-08 August 2015 amongst local NGOs, Mukhtars, opinion leaders and service provider governmental institutions for Syrians. 115 people have attended the interviews from different communities. 87% of the attendees emphasized the problem of miscommunication with the INGO representatives. 63% of the attendees believe that they cannot express ...

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IMPR Humanitarian Situation Update: July 2015

HIGHLIGHTS Urfa Community Center: During the July 2015, IMPR has been conducted 21 lifeskill activities  such as Turkish/English courses, hairdresser, sewing, computer and mobile harware courses targeting 443 Syrians. Through 11 psychosocial sessions such as aerobic, henna, guitar/saz courses, IMPR has reached 196 Syrians.  For more information of Urfa Community Center, you can download the full situation update Women Community Center: IMPR Humanitarian ...

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IMPR Humanitarian Akçakale Assesment Report

This assessment was carried out in Akcakale from 06/12/2015 to 06/17/2015, 1200 individuals were displaced from Tel el-Abyeed, now are settled in Akcakale participated in this assessment and kindely shared their ideas, opinions and thoughts with IMPR Humanitarian team, to this we are thankful for sharing their ideas and information with us and putting their trust in us. The results ...

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High School Sufficiency and Equivalency Examination for Foreign Students

Good News for Syrian and Iraqi 12th Grade students and those who previously completed 12th grade, Now they will have an opportunity to complete higher education after passing “High School Sufficiency and Equivalency Examination for Foreign Students” YOLYDS examination which is announced by The Ministry of National Education (MoNE) and will be conducting a on 27 June 2015 at 14:00 pm. The examination ...

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