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IMPR Humanitarian distributes winter boots to refugee children

Şanlıurfa is one of the cities that hosts the largest number of Syrian refugees. It’s one month into 2015, and the unexcepted cold weather has descended to Şanlıurfa. Temperatures plummet. This will be the fourth winter for the Syrian children beeing far away from their warm houses. Many people specially children and teenagers, who are already displaced, try desperately to ...

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Improving Friendship between refugee children

IMPR Humanitarian Community Center in Urfa, we determine different subjects according to our field observation and current situation each week. Last week we realized that the refugee children who came to Urfa CC regularly have less friendship and less communication with their family and their neighbour’s children. Therefore Urfa Community Center Internal Team has decided to choose last week’s subject ...

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Give Hope Back to Refugee Children

Life does not stop in the sound of bullets or in the barrel of a canon, even in war time life can blossom again and hope of a better future can be restored. But there should be something, something that can help the families and their children to get out of war, fear, tension, and psychological pressure state of mind. ...

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