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Conference on Work Permits for Foreigners Under Temporary Protection in Turkey

The regulation of the work permits of foreigners under temporary protection in Turkey has been one of the most important issues which received attention from both national and international communities. A new era began in Turkey with the issuance of “Regulation on Work Permits of Foreigners under Temporary Protection” which was published in the Official Gazette (No. 2016/8375) on 15 ...

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IMPR Humanitarian Situation Update: July 2015

HIGHLIGHTS Urfa Community Center: During the July 2015, IMPR has been conducted 21 lifeskill activities  such as Turkish/English courses, hairdresser, sewing, computer and mobile harware courses targeting 443 Syrians. Through 11 psychosocial sessions such as aerobic, henna, guitar/saz courses, IMPR has reached 196 Syrians.  For more information of Urfa Community Center, you can download the full situation update Women Community Center: IMPR Humanitarian ...

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