Monday , 23 September 2019

Turkish courses aimed at Syrians under Temporary Protection residing in Küçükçekmece continue

Turkish language courses aimed at Syrians under Temporary Protection and which are being jointly conducted under the coordination of International Middle East Peace Research Center (IMPR), United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and Küçükçekmece Municipality Directorate for Strategy Development.

Turkish language courses for adults which was opened in Sefaköy Culture and Arts Centre and Turkish courses for children opened in Mehmet Akif Information House attracts much attention from Syrians. Syrians who complete the first level of Turkish courses which are being conducted with the participation of 250 people in 10 groups in total and which are being given by specialized trainers will earn the right to receive Public Education Certificates and continue taking the second level courses.

One of the Turkish course teachers at sefaköy Culture and Arts Center, Merve GünaLtay Başar stated that especially Syrians show much attention to the courses and other foreigners from Egypt also participate in the courses.

Coursier Rojin İbrahim who emphasized the benefits and the importance of Turkish courses stated “I came from Syria to Turkey. I started taking the Turkish courses which are being conducted by Küçükçekmece Municipality. IT helps me learn Turkish. Besides, our teachers are very nice, they help us much”, and emphasized the good influence of the Turkish courses on Syrian refugees in Turkey.

Küçükçekmece Türkçe Kursu 2 Küçükçekmece Türkçe Kursu 3 Küçükçekmece Türkçe Kursu 4 Küçükçekmece Türkçe Kursu 5 Küçükçekmece Türkçe Kursu 6 Küçükçekmece Türkçe Kursu 7 Küçükçekmece Türkçe Kursu 1

Photos: Kucukcekmece Municipality

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