Urfa Community Center

Project Name Urfa Community Center
Project Duration 01/09/2013 – 30/08/2018
Partner Organization Worldvision International
Donor GIZ – ADH – BMZ
Implementation Area(s) Urfa Province and discrits
Project Budget
Sector(s) Protection, Community Services, Non-formal education, registration, livelihood/vocational trainings, information management, coordination
Objectives of Project


The main objectives of the Community Center to promote the survival skills of the war effected community through improving their livelihood, social integration, reducing the effects of the crisis and ensuring full access of the basic rights and raise awareness among displaced and host communities.

Therefore, IMPR Humanitarian has been providing various services at Urfa Community Center since September 2013.  On 1st of October 2015, IMPR Humanitarian has started its new project term within the donation of GIZ and ADH. In this context GIZ will cover life skills, language courses, outreach program and capacity building components for 2 year. ADH through Worldvision International will cover other activities.

1.    Children, adolescents and adults gain life-skills

2.    Adults and youth are better equipped for finding employment

3.    Children, youth and adults affected by conflict have increased psychosocial well-being

4.    Refugees have an increased understanding about their rights and are able to defend them

5.    Syrian refugee and host community members have increased access to inter-cultural and awareness raising activities

6.    Syrian refugee and host community members have increased access to a staffed and fully functional community centre

Beneficiaries reached

Last Update: 31/12/2015


Number of Beneficiaries

Age Group Male Female Total
in numbers in % in numbers in % in numbers in %
0-4 Age 171 12.12766 127 9.814529 298 11.02071
5-17 Age 413 29.29078 357 27.58887 770 28.47633
18-59 Age 772 54.75177 769 59.42813 1541 56.98964
60+ Age 54 3.829787 41 3.16847 95 3.513314
Total 1410 52.14497 1294 47.85503 2704 100%

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Arabic Brochure English Brochure Turkish Brochure

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