Urgent/New Clashes in Kobani

The initial information that we have received state that on 25/06/2015 at 04:00 p.m multi-groups from ISIS armed forces entered Kobani mainly from the South side, the West side and the East side and north side. ISIS forces disguised and appeared as YPG and Free Syrian Army forces then entered the city, after entering the city they separated into different parts of the city: the grand main avenue (West), Kani Araba (West) and Maktaela (South).

ISIS forces are using snipers, several suicide attack to kill the people randomly as an act of revenge for taking Tel- Abyeed, as some initial news media outlet reports explained.

Ten explosions took places in the city so far leading to many death and injuries, one explosion took place at Mirshitpinar border gate. The number of injuries in the city is large; the first numbers that we got about four hundred to five hundred injury, and no certain figures were given at this point, nor the number of deaths in the city.

In our interviews with families who have family members in Kobani and are in contact with them, they expressed that ISIS forces are killing randomly and they are in a considerable number in Kobani.

Not all of them have crossed this morning as they told us [family member witnesses], they have informed us that many of them were sleeping cells, who previously had came to Kobani two or three weeks ago and got activated this morning. They have speared in all the neighborhoods of Kobani in all four directions and begin to killing people using snipers and explosives.

Around thousand individuals at the moment are waiting on Atmanik cross point in order to cross to Turkey, both Boyda and Atmanik cross points were used for urgent care of the injured people in Kobani to cross to Turkey for urgent treatment. There is also one village  calls Bir-khabtan, in which the entire family was killed, women and children were kidnapped by ISIS forces.  They mentioned there are more than sixty family member were killed in this village.

According to our visit that we made today to Syrian Turkish border thousand people were waiting for permission to cross to the Turkish territory. Those people were waiting in Atmanik villages crossing point. Because there are many injuries in Kobani, the ambulances movement was intense, we witnessed ambulances are coming from other cities like Diyarbakir for assistance and backing up their counterparts in Suruc, all ambulances are waiting in the three cross points, Mirsgitpinar, Atmanik and Boyda, but only one point is active, Boyda cross point in the West of Kobani. We noted twelves ambulances up and running in that point.

UNCHR was not seen on the ground at all nor other NGOs, the military distributed water for the people, who are waiting for permission to cross in Atmanik. In Boyda cross point, around seventy cars were noticed, also waiting for a permission to cross, those cars were gathered around one Km away from Boyda cross point.

In our interviews with the people, who were waiting for their families to cross to Turkey, most of them were directing them to go to Atmanik cross point – however most of them are trapped and are under siege in their own homes because ISIS forces are spread in all the neighborhoods and the families are protecting themselves in their own houses for now. The thousand individuals, who were waiting at Atmanik cross point, were the only people, who managed to escape from their own houses.

We also visited Suruc governmental hospital and managed to talk with one of the doctors and personals in the hospital, according to the hospital sources, they [the survivors] have received three hundred and fifty to four hundred injured persons from Kobani, five individuals have died in the hospital.

The hospital emergency room is receiving three ambulances each five minutes.  For the cases that requires surgeries are being taken to Urfa hospitals, eight cases were took to Akcakale hospital. We received this information on 01:30 p.m, which means the number of injured individuals will highly increase in the end of the day. The armed clashes and explosions are clearly head and seen form the Turkish borders, the clashes are still going on between ISIS and the Kurdish resistance in Kobani to this moment.

-IMPR Humanitarian-

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