Saturday , 24 August 2019

The winner was brotherhood in the green pitch

The Tournament for Brotherhood in the Green pitch which is a joint organization of The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, The Ministry of Youth and Sports and International Middle East Peace Research Center (IMPR) has started with the practice match which was played at the Ankara 19 Mayıs Stadium.

IMPR President Prof. Dr. Veysel Ayhan has drawn attention to the solidarity message this tournament gives during the press statement. Prof. Ayhan indicated that many surprises are being prepared for the tournament final and he stated that they are getting ready to host the teams in the Super League and one European team at the tournament. Ayhan also stated that there are footballers who have played in the Syrian national team before and highlighted that their aim is to commingle all parties.

At the match which started at 19:00, the mixed teams consisting of Turks and Syrians fought a pitch battle. The match resulted with 7-5 superiority of the visiting team but the real winner was brotherhood. After the match, the teams appeared before the cameras and gave a solidarity message. Afterwards, the players from both teams ate baklava together and called off the activity.

‘The Brotherhood Tournament for Peace in the Green Pitch’ aims to bind Turkish and Syrian young people together. In each team, there are 9 Turkish and 9 Syrian players and the tournament is organized in 16 cities in Turkey.


Published news about the tournament by national and local news agencies:

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