Sunday , 25 September 2022

World Peace Day

Peace means not only conciliation but also life in harmony. Peace including respect for human rights, common interest, peaceful coexistence culture, is an itself and necessity of virtue in this sense. IMPR Humanitarian which set to work within the humanitarian aid and in refugee subject, has observed the existing and potential problems that lack of peace could cause at the first hand. In this manner, IMPR Humanitarian made various activities that underlined “peace” towards the both local community and Syrian guest.

These activities were organized to be peace-oriented; aimed to enhance the relations among/between different communities. International Peace Day Activities which were started with that 55 Syrian and 25 Turkish childeren attended to the trif to Gaziantep on 21th of September on 2014, continued in Urfa Community Center and Topçu Square in the coming days. The activities carried some goals of theater performance and music recital devoted to understand position of refugee.

In addition to these, IMPR Humanitarian append the signature on the activities that emphasizes socio-economic circumstances of refugee and their children. Taking into consideration our field experience and the situation within society, we realized that Syrian children survived as a weigher. We are, as a IMPR Humanitarian, went to main square of Urfa as being a weigher with our volunteers and organized the activities for raisining awareness. Awareness activities that 500 people attended to, were got attraction by young and elder people. On the other hand, IMPR Humanitarian shared “peace to me-themed”  pictures and videos by using “#PeaceDay” etiquette. Therefore, different kind of raisining awarenes activities were given on the social media.

We, as a IMPR Humanitarian, think of that humanitarian action should follow the principle that approach to the publics fleeing the latest attack with discrimination. We could draw the way of peace, we should try to understand each other in order for this. Because, we just could make peace by understanding.

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