IMPR Humanitarian Respect Days: Sheikh Adi and Yazidi Camp in Şırnak

IMPR Humanitarian Şırnak Team, EC Directorate-General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection – ECHO- with the cooperation of International Rescue Committee –IRC- is organizing various activities with Yazidi people at Şırnak Yazidi Camp since its openning, November 2014. IMPR Humanitarian Şırnak Team is organizing inter-cultural activities, local activities, common courses, consultancy services and children playground. Located at “Cizre Şırnak Yolu 40. km Kömür Ocakları Mevki Ezidî Kampı/ Şırnak Merkez”

IMPR Humanitarian focuses on protection, raising awareness, distrubition foods, and non-foods items, relief, rehabilitation, psycho-social, and life-skill activities  at Şırnak Camp.

IMPR Humanitarian celebrated with them Sheikh Adi days. According to Yazidi sources: ‘Feast of  FortyDays of Winter’ celebrated in the beggining of the New Year, they call this day also ‘Winter Feast’ which takes forty days to practice Sheikh Adi. Modern Yazidi; however some from the Yazidi community wanted to commemorate three-days Feast that emphasis the birth of Yazidi.

At Christmas night people Exchanged presents, and had fun, attending musical party.

While the west celebrates Christmas the Yazidi community fasted forthe first days of winter. The fast was for Sheikh Adi. This is a very important fasting days for hem and in the end of the fasting days; they organized a small diner that is similar to the Eid diner for other religous.

IMPR Humanitarian respect days; IMPR Humanitarian celebrated with them the Yazidi Holidays to show our sympathy and solidarity.

In the Christmas spirit, IMPR Humanitarian packed 174 gifts for the children. We made home visits offering the gifts to the children. The packets contained candies, toys, chocolate and balloons.

Then IMPR Humanitarian Şırnak Team sheld a party in the evening after the dinner. This party included some traditional games and traditional Yazidi music with guitar and Tambor. The Yazidi community gathered to gether and played musicall night, we considered that night a successful story to easethepain from those families.

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